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Solomons Island Dental Associates
Wayne L. O'Roark, DDS
General and Implant Dentistry
Diplomate, American Board of Oral Implantology
Implants, placement and restoration
Solomons Island Dental & Tidewater Dental

    Craig Blucher, DDS
General and Cosmetic Dentistry 

  • Professional and  Friendly Staff
  • Comfortable and Caring Environment
  • More Than 30 Years of Experience
  • More Than 12,000 Implants Placed and Restored
  • Periodontal Health Maintenance and Disease Control Programs
  • General and Cosmetic Dentistry, Including Free Teeth Whitening for Life (see below) 
  • Dentures and Partials, including immediately stabilized lower dentures

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   In our never-ending quest to improve the quality of life, the life expectancy of Americans has risen over the last few decades and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The dramatic heart transplants that originated in South Africa made the world suddenly aware of the incredible potential for replacing parts of the body and today is no longer headline news.

   A less dramatic procedure, but no less a contributor to improvement of our lives, is the dental implant. When someone is generally healthy but has lost their teeth, replacement is an exciting event that can and does change one’s life. With the rapidity of change that is occurring in the field of dental implants, misinformation and lack of information often limits a person’s access to options that would otherwise provide good service.

As a General Dentistry practice, with experience with all options for tooth replacement , in addition to long experience with implants, we can look at the options and recommend what is best for you.

Even the loss of one tooth can set the stage for further tooth loss.  If that lost tooth is dealt with in a timely manner, (it is possible replacement can be done at the same time as the removal), bridges, partial dentures and full dentures are not the inevitable result.

Dr Blucher and myself are excited to offer Free Teeth Whitening For Life!!  This is a program that started  in mid March, 2009.  It is truly free.  It is our way of saying "THANK YOU" to our current patients and to encourage new patients to come in.  There are a few very simple and obvious rules.  Basically, all we ask is that you do what you should be doing already, engage in good dental care.   If you are already a patient of record or once  you become a patient of record, you will be provided with professional grade teeth whitening trays and the whitening gel with a value of $400, once you have satisfied the rules.  The contract we provide you with is available at the office.  Call the Solomons Island Office for an appointment to get started.
The majority of the information on this site, to date, has been about dental implants.  With the addition of  Dr. Blucher  we now can offer all dental services.  This includes improving your smile with veneers, all porcelain crowns, and bonding and bleaching.  We can provide gum disease control as well as white fillings in addition to the metal fillings.  We also will take care of your children with sealants, general preventative care and other restorative procedures.    
Come back to this site and check out more details to be added regarding the additional services we can now provide that will be added in the near future.
We are committed to excellence in implant and other general dental procedures. You will receive nothing but the best from myself and my staff.
 The immediate replacement of teeth has been done for over 20 years.  Now,in selected cases, we can remove a bad tooth and immediately replace it with an implant and possibly, in selected cases, place a temporary crown.     In these cases, a  temporary crown/bridge is placed on the implant immediately and the final crown/bridge is made at a later date.  All done in the same office.
I am pleased that my appointment to the graduate teaching staff of the Dental School, University of Maryland will continue through 2012.  My assignment is to share my experience with implants within my general practice (over 35 years and 10,000 implants) with the graduate dentists  
 Do not forget to check out the sections "What We Do" and "Photo Gallery" for more complete implant information 
If you are wearing a full lower denture, be certain to scroll down to the discussion of the MDI implant (under "What we do").  One visit can change your life and even be relatively inexpensive!  An implant design change has brought these back into the list of alternatives available to you.  Being a General Dentist, if you need a new denture, we can provide you with that service or, in some cases we can add the implants to your existing denture. 
The section, "What we do", references new financing plans we now have available.  These plans make good dental care including implants and their stabilized teeth even more attractive.

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